52 Pillows – #19 – Outdoor

Finally… Pillow #19. I’m only, what, 3 weeks behind? I’ll admit I didn’t work on this pillow until it was already a week late, but after that it was just dealing with the increasing challenges of my 9-month creative project.

In addition to my lower body slowing down, now my upper body has too. With every pregnancy I have developed numb, tingly hands by the 2nd trimester. But here I was almost in my 7th month and having no problems – maybe this time I’d luck out! But I was so very wrong. As soon as the weather heated up… wham! Numb, tingly hands. The extended cool weather in our area bought me a lot more time and I’m grateful for that. Now that summer has settled in though, I have to work around the numb hands. So while I’d like to continue my project on schedule, making one pillow a week, it probably isn’t going to happen. We’ll just see how it goes. I’m still committed to finishing my project – it will just take longer than I anticipated. Bear with me…

So enough of that. This week’s pillow is an outdoor pillow, per Heidi T.’s request on my Facebook page. As it turns out, I had some leftover outdoor grade fabric from a window covering job I did in the last year, and after a little research (I’ve never made outdoor pillows before) got to work. I used this stripe as a test in perfecting my perfectionist skills as well (or maybe I just wanted to torture myself) but it actually went more smoothly than I expected. Well, just see for yourself…

Incidentally, outdoor fabrics are very useful indoors as well as out because they are soil and water-resistant and, obviously, less susceptible to fading and damage from the sun.

Also, if you’d like to try some simple outdoor pillows yourself, I found a great tutorial on how to use vinyl tablecloths (or vinyl backed fabric) to make pillows. Here’s the Martha Stewart¬†link¬†if you’re interested. You can also use oilcloth, duck cloth or canvas. There are tons of affordable outdoor fabrics available now. The fabric I used for this pillow is still available at Hancock Fabrics.

‘Til next time…

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