52 Pillows – #20 – Simple Tutorial

In my ongoing effort to finish my birthday present (better late than never), I made these simple lumbar pillows for my living room sofa. And it only took about half an hour! The pillows have a clean, simple look that goes well with my living room decor (although doesn’t do much for my ugly sofa except take attention away from it) and they were so easy to make, so I’m including a tutorial so you can try it out!  = )

Step 1: To make a 10 in x 18 in (25cm x 46cm) lumbar pillow, cut 2 pieces of fabric 11 in x 19 in (28cm x 48cm) each in a different fabric. (NOTE: My tutorial photos show the pillow 50% smaller than the originals shown above.)

Step 2: With right sides together, stitch a 1/2 in (13mm) seam allowance on each short side.

Step 3: Turn right side out and plan how much of each color you’d like showing when the pillow is finished. (I recommend using 3rd or 5th ratios as they are more visually balanced and attractive.) When you’ve determined how you’d like it to look, measure from one folded side to the seam.

Step 4: Turn right side in again (ie wrong side out) and transfer the measurement, using a small ruler or seam gauge, from the stitching to the folded edge. Put a pin in the fold as shown.

Do the same at the bottom.

Step 5: Pin the long edges, smoothing the layers flat, and leaving a space to turn inside out.

Step 6: Then stitch along the long edges with 1/2 in (13mm) seam allowance.

Step 7: Turn right side out and use a point turner or the blunt end of a crochet hook or similar to turn the corners.

Step 8: Stuff your pillows through the opening you left. Then sew the opening closed by hand or by machine….  And you’re done!

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