52 Pillows – #28 – Cube

Our house is pretty small and there’s not much room for a traditional kind of ottoman. Add in a toddler with a feeding tube attached to a rolling pole and there’s definitely not room for a traditional ottoman. So when I saw this free cube ottoman pattern at JoAnn Fabrics, I knew it would be perfect for us.

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The pattern is actually called “Ottoman Stack” (I’ve included it below). Cube, Ottoman Stack, Floor Pillow, whatever… If you’re going to try this one yourself, let me make these few pointers:

  • Make sure your machine can handle a lot of layers of fabric
  • Use a machine needle specifically for denim. It’ll go through all the thicknesses easier.
  • The pattern calls for 3 lbs. of polyfil – I used at least 5 lbs. and it’s firm enough to rest my feet on but not firm enough to sit on, except for my toddler.
  • Don’t use anything heavier than a light to medium-light home dec fabric. I used a home dec twill and it was hard on my machine and a challenge to handle while sewing.
  • I used thermal fleece instead of polar-type fleece. It’s what I had on hand, it’s lighter weight, and it seemed to work just fine.
  • Before you turn the pillow right side out to do top-stitching, trim the corners a bit to reduce bulk.
  • To cut and sew took me about 3 hours. (I made paper pattern pieces in case I wanted to make another one someday, and this took extra time.)
  • Also, make sure your machine can handle many thicknesses (I know, I said that already, but I really mean it)

With all that said, here is the JoAnn Fabrics free tutorial for Ottoman Stack.



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