52 Pillows – #33 – The Liver Pillow

Lots of body parts enjoy the benefit of pillows… Our heads sink into pillows each night. Our backs rest against cushions. Our bottoms are cradled by cushions. Our feet enjoy being propped on pillows.

But what about our internal parts, those parts that work so hard for us, like, say, our livers? How do our livers get the rest they need?…

Introducing… The Liver Pillow!




Sized perfectly to fit your liver, The Liver Pillow measures 11″W x 7″H (28x18cm) and weighs only 3 ounces (85g) (compared to the approx. 3.5 pounds (1588g) of your actual liver) making it easy to carry and oh so portable. Take it in your car… To work… Wear it to bed… Around the house… While you’re running errands… Or at the hospital while you’re waiting for your daughter to get an MRI. Just strap The Liver Pillow around your torso with the convenient straps, placing The Pillow on the lower right side of your rib cage…. It’s that easy!


IMG_2419  IMG_2412  photo-1

Give your liver the rest and comfort it needs.

You can’t live without it!…

Order today!


Women’s and children’s sizes available soon.

Available in authentic liver color (as shown) and in a variety of other popular and neutral colors.

Machine washable.

100% cotton shell. 100% polyester fill.

Made in the USA.

Available wherever people have livers.

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