52 Pillows – #34 – Abstract No. 2

Sometimes when a project isn’t turning out the way you envisioned or wanted, you can quit in the middle and be okay with not finishing. But sometimes you have to finish a project when it’s not going the way you want it to no matter how hard you try. Some projects have to be finished right to the painful end. Kind of like being unable to look away from a car accident or watching the movie “Waterworld” all the way to the end. This is how Pillow #34 was for me. I have literally been working on this pillow off and on for 5 MONTHS, working it over and over and over, and never getting it to look the way I really wanted. I finally realized this week that this pillow has been holding me back. I have been really stuck. I just had no idea how heavily it weighed in my mind, this unfinished, seemingly impossible to get it right project. I have forced myself to finish it and now that it’s finished, I hope to move on and feel the creative burn again. So here it is, my own personal “Waterworld“, finished (I refuse to stuff it at this point but it’s finished)…


And, for the sake of making this post more interesting, here are two of the many variations I worked on along the way…

 And so, Pillow #34, I declare you complete. Goodbye and Good Riddance!

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