52 Pillows #40 – Outdoor Haven

I haven’t worked on my 52 Pillows Project for about 10 months. About the time I last published a 52 Pillows post (last fall!) is when I got a job. Ten months later, I really love my job… and… I am really struggling to find balance between work and family and sewing and everything else. I haven’t quite figured it out yet. Actually I’m not even close. And I applaud all working mothers for what it takes to hold it all together!

Anyway, if it weren’t for custom orders, I wouldn’t be sewing at all, so I’m grateful for this custom pillow/cushion cover project I did back in June. By the time I got around to getting pictures a few weeks ago, the pillows and cushions were all settled and comfortable in their new home. What fun to see these fairly simple pillow and cushion covers transform my client’s patio into a secluded haven they’ve enjoyed this summer.






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