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3_2011Tiff2 Here’s all you really need to know about me… I am happy when I’m sewing. = ) It’s my zen place, my escape and joy. Fabrics feel like home and the sound of the machine is like music. And, as my sister says, I have the attention for detail and a need for perfection that makes the finished product, well, perfect. And it may be part of my genetic make-up — my grandmas were both seamstresses and made their own patterns, and my mom sews too. Going to the fabric store was one of my favorite things to do as a kid (and as an adult). I love all the colors, patterns and textures of the different fabrics. When I was 12, I saved my allowance for months to buy my own fancy sewing scissors. That same year I received my first sewing machine as a birthday gift from my mom (a Bernina – I still use it too!) My mom put me on the path to becoming a textile artist and seamstress and eventually I ended up in 4-H where I began to develop my skills.

My beloved Bernina

My beloved Bernina

After 10 years in a graphic design career and sewing in my free time, I pursued my fashion design degree. Much of my work since then has been for interior designers, including my sister, creating one-of-a-kind window treatments, pillows, and bedding for their clients. To fill the time between big projects and provide a platform for experimenting with new patterns, fabrics and ideas, I opened my Etsy store in 2008. I now sell kitchen accessories, tea cosiesChristmas decor, decorative pillows and PDF patterns. I am married with two children and life is crazy busy. We have a 10 year old boy we homeschool and a 2 year old daughter. Our sweet Jenna has a disease called Langerhans Cell Histiocytosis (LCH). Her treatment has occupied most of the last two years of our lives. You can read about our parenting journey on the Fabric of Life page. MarkRyTiffJenna6_2013 I’ve just started getting back to sewing and I have really missed what it provides. For now I’m working only on products for my online store. If you have any questions, please feel free to contact me. Thank you for visiting TiffinyDesigns! Tiffiny  = )

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