From Sketch to Sample – Christmas Tree Ornament #2

As in my From Sketch to Sample – Christmas Tree Ornament #1, I’ve wanted to expand my Christmas line for a while. In #1 I designed a Christmas tree ornament based on my Skiing Snowman Christmas stocking design. In this installment, I’ll be making another ornament design, fashioned after my Christmas Forest stocking design.


Here we go…


My favorite of my original sketches


Refining sketch to-size

Laying out the pieces... this is option 1

Laying out the fabric pieces… this is option 1 like the stocking design without sloping background

And option 2 like the sketch... I think I like this one better

And option 2 like the sketch… I think I like this one better. My son liked this one better too.

Almost done...

Almost done… I’m going to have to work on the star. It’s too small to stitch around like the other pieces. Hmmm…

One more step and...

Added an extra button to balance out the tree. One more step and…



Well, I think this is another sample worth developing. I like how it turned out.

I did not enjoy working with such tiny pieces of fabric and tiny buttons so I might offer the ornaments this year in my shop then develop patterns next year.

What do you think?

(Refined and listed in my shop December 2013)


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One comment on “From Sketch to Sample – Christmas Tree Ornament #2
  1. heids says:

    tiff I love them if i didn’t have more ornaments than tree space like I do right now 🙂

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