Beginning Color Theory: Homeschool Art Lessons

In December our little homeschool class started working with paint in conjunction with color theory and our continuing study of Abstract artists.


Color Theory

It’s one thing to be able to name the primary colors and what colors are mixed to create secondary and tertiary colors, and another entirely to mix them yourself. Hands-on color theory is really important to building a solid art foundation. To begin our first color theory lesson, we watched this fun video. All the kids, to my surprise, from age 4 to 10 enjoyed it! And I heard a couple of the kids singing the song from the video under their breath while we painted. I think it helped them stay focused…

Then the kids painted in this color wheel. I chose this particular color wheel because it’s easy to use at different grade levels, and because of the different size circles for the primary colorssecondary colors, and tertiary colors. (For our preschooler I drew a big flower for him and let him paint in the petals with primary colors.)



Since then I found this FUNky video about mixing colors on

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