Kandinsky and free Abstract day: Homeschool Art Lessons

Concentric Circles by Wassily Kandinsky

Wassily Kandinsky: Concentric Circles

After Beginning Color Theory, our next lesson was about Kandinsky. Unlike when we studied Picasso, I was able to pass out books of Kandinsky’s work and let the kids browse through them. I asked them to each pick out their favorite painting, then tell us what they liked about it and what they thought Kandinsky was trying to express.




I used the Kandinsky Concentric Circles Painting lesson from Pink & Green Mama’s Exploring Great Artists Art Lesson Plans #1*. The lesson plan called for watercolor paints, but we used gouache because that’s what we had on hand. Gouache can be watered down to act and look more like watercolor, but the kids struggled to use more water, and their paintings didn’t have the feel of Kandinsky’s painting. The lesson plan also said to use washable markers to draw the circle shapes and then the ink would smear, but it didn’t work well with us, perhaps because the kids weren’t using a lot of water. Still, I love the variety and expression.


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Free Abstract Day


The last art lesson before Christmas break, I decided to review what we’d learned about Abstract art and let the kids choose their own media from what we’d used in the previous weeks lessons and let them create their own Abstract art piece. They each put a lot of thought into their pieces and I was impressed with the wide variety in their creations…

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In January we’ll study Georgia O’Keeffe’s work and move from paint into drawing!

* Since doing this project, I’ve seen other similar Concentric Circles projects that look fun…
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