Georgia O’Keeffe: A Homeschool Art Lesson

We started off the new year studying my favorite artist – Georgia O’Keeffe. To begin the lesson, I handed books out about O’Keeffe for the kids to look at and asked them to tell me what they observed about her paintings: Lots of bright colors, flowers, leaves, trees, skulls, buildings, dark colors are very dark, things that look like something else like flowers that look like animals.

Next they chose from large almost life-size flower pictures I had, and we continued practicing observing. They each chose their favorite and I asked them to observe what kinds of lines, shapes and colors they saw?

Then, following the O’Keeffe Inspired Flowers lesson from Pink & Green Mama’s Exploring Great Artists Art Lesson Plans #1, I gave them large pieces of white poster board (cut to 17″ x 14″) and asked them to draw their flower from a bug’s (bee or ladybug or butterfly) perspective. We laid on the floor to get an idea of how a baby might see the world, and then tried to imagine being as small as a bug. I asked them to draw their flower large enough to touch at least 3 sides of the paper.


The kids were really frustrated having to draw their flowers so large, and while I was surprised they weren’t having as much fun as I expected, it was a good opportunity to let them work through their frustrations. My favorite quote from class came from this frustration time, “I hate drawing. It makes me angry and then I have to eat more!”  = )

When we finished drawing we painted in the flower using watercolors. In spite of their frustrations, the kids’ paintings are gorgeous and unique. I’m really proud of them!

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I used a handout about Georgia O’Keeffe from Famous Artist Wall Chart available for free on

This lesson took 2 weeks to finish (about 2-1/2 hours). We have a range of ages in our homeschool group, from preschool to 5th grader. The younger kids needed some help, but overall it worked more or less for all of them.

Next we’ll move to lines and more drawing…


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