Lines and Bad Hair Drawings: Homeschool Art Lessons

Last month we started concentrating on Lines. To begin, we talked about the types of lines and where in life you see each line. I created this basic worksheet (TypesofLines) for the kids to fill in as we talked about the kinds of lines…

Next, we went to the National Gallery of Art website and looked at art. The site has a whole section for Educators (what a wonderful resource!!) We looked at the slide show included in Line Lesson, which had works by Joan Miró, Morris Louis, Henri Matisse, Winslow Homer, Fitz Henry Lane, Roy Lichtenstein, and Charles Sheeler. We talked about the type of line(s) used in each work, what kinds of words might be used to describe the lines in each work (i.e. calm, energetic, quiet, dynamic, silly, organized, planned, etc.), and how lines can be used to show an overall mood or tell the viewer things about what is happening in the piece.

Next we did Wild and Wacky Hair Line Drawings, a free lesson from the Deep Space Sparkle website. I made the mistake of calling it the Bad Hair Day project (there are a few other lessons* I found online called Bad Hair Day but very similar to the Deep Space Sparkle lesson) and at least a few of the kids took this literally and lost sight of the spirit of the project which was to use lines creatively to draw a crazy hairdo. Sigh. Another challenge, as in our Georgia O’Keeffe lesson, was getting the kids to use the entire page. Most didn’t. And there was also the challenge, predicted by Patty Palmer, the lesson’s creator, of keeping the kids from scribbling. We had one kiddo (mine) that went wild as you see… 

In spite of the challenges, I liked this project because it went pretty quickly and some of the kids who’d originally taken Bad Hair Day literally, had time to do a second or third drawing, each one getting more and more wacky and creative! Also, the project lent itself basically to all the age groups in our class, from preschooler to 5th graders. I love the variety and seeing the kid’s interpretations and creativity, even the more literal ones.  = )

Next we’ll be doing Blind Contour Drawings….

*Other Bad Hair Day type projects you might like:

Bad Hair Day?


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