Juggling Act

My first project this year was making 45 juggling balls for my brother’s Scout Troop. Normally I don’t like making little things, so it was quite a daunting project. I thought if I blogged about it, that would make it funner. I thought I could be witty and apply juggling analogies about life like:

Life is a juggling act


Life’s a struggle if you cant juggle

Or add some quotes about juggling, like this one, by John Selden,

“The world cannot be governed without juggling.”

I even took pictures from beginning to end, documenting the process, and made a little movie (my first and probably last) which I tried to put in this entry but found out I have to pay to do that. Believe me, my 5 second movie is not worth the price of the upgrade. So instead here are clips from the process, the beginning…

the middle…

and the end…

Anyway, it turned out to just be a fun project. My husband helped me! And the best part hearing how much fun the scouts had learning to juggle. That’s what it’s all about. = )


I made set of 3, 2 being in denim and the 3rd in a bold color, which was supposed to help make it easier for them to learn. You can contact my brother if you have questions about how he ran this activity.

If you’d like to make your own juggling balls, check out this online tutorial and pattern.

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