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The school year came to an end so quickly, before I knew it there were only 4 weeks to plan the kids’ art show for our little homeschool class!… We decided to reserve the library auditorium – plenty of space, chairs and tables, sound and video system included, really inexpensive. The downside of the library auditorium was we couldn’t hang anything on the walls or from the ceiling, which presented a real challenge for an art show. I looked around for kids art show ideas other than displaying on easels. What I found was the Art Show Guidebook on, a 38-page downloadable book on how to organize your own kids art show. While the guidebook is geared toward school teachers who have to handle many classes or an entire school worth of artwork, I found some good ideas and great pointers.

First though, here are the invitations we made…





I printed out the basic invitation on card stock then the kids cut out paint chips for the flag. The example I made for them (not shown here) had perfectly shaped triangles (ugh), because perfectionism just takes over me sometimes. But when the kids cut out their own triangle flags, each had their own style of shape, color and pattern. I sewed the flags on as instructed, and you know, theirs were much better than mine. I just loved what they created!…

Anyway, back to the actual art show… Here’s what I ended up doing. I mounted each art piece on colored poster paper/board with rubber cement (the guidebook suggested Elmer’s Glue but I didn’t want their work to wrinkle. I ended up going through 3 bottles of rubber cement… but nothing wrinkled!)

For the displays, I used cardboard boxes of various sizes, cut the top and bottom flaps off, wrapped each box in black paper (from the school supply store, sold by the yard, 36″ wide). I then mounted each piece of art on the black-paper-wrapped boxes, either taped or stapled. I did all this in my basement. The day of the show, the boxes were carefully collapsed and stacked in the car, then at the library the boxes were opened again and stacked on top of one another (shown below). It wasn’t pretty/perfect, but it worked really well. And overall it looked pretty cool…




The larger art pieces were displayed on easels borrowed from a neighbor.



The tin-can robots were displayed on a table in front of metallic poster board (below far right) and smaller pieces were displayed on easels (left), in front of the projector screen where we showed a video of photos from the school year.



This large display was made from a bathtub box salvaged from a neighbor’s bathroom remodel project. I cut off the end flaps and one long side to create this display below. Last minute entries were laid on the floor.



What a great way to wrap up a great school year, give the kids a chance to show off and take pride in their work – A fun time was had by all!


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