My Favorite Season

My favorite time of year is approaching. Autumn, you say? Well, I do enjoy autumn, but actually no, my favorite season is Peach Season!

I missed Peach Season last year being in the hospital with my daughter. So I’ve vowed this year to make the most of it! No peach will be left behind!

This week I made a Peach Galette, one of our many favorites. It’s based on a Nectarine Galette recipe (shown below) I found on Sugar content is relatively low which is a plus. And it doesn’t take long to make. It’s so delicious as a dessert or even breakfast. Or, let’s face it, anytime of day. We love it!


I planned to make this in the afternoon, but the day got away from me and by 7:30 I still hadn’t made it. My husband works at night and getting everybody in bed on time by myself doesn’t always go well. Even on a good night, cooking during bedtime isn’t a good idea, but I really wanted to use the lovely peaches we’d picked up from the farmer’s stand the day before. Unfortunately, tonight wasn’t going very smoothly. At 8:30 I was no closer to getting anybody in bed than I was at 7:30 so I decided, what the heck, I’ll make the Galette now.

Preparing the crust, slicing the peaches, sprinkling the sugar were all a small escape from the chaos. I put it in the oven, happy to have something yummy to look forward to, and felt ready to conquer bedtime again.

Bedtime was getting back on track when I took the Galette out of the oven. Perfect! But when I tried to move it to a pretty platter to take a picture, it started cracking. Agh! I hadn’t cooked it long enough! It was now 9:30 and whether it needed to cook longer or not, I was done. After a brief series of expletives I took a few quick close-ups, used the wonders of photo effects to cover my errors, then sliced the Galette. I carefully scooped a slice onto a plate but it ended up a lumpy pile of peaches and crust. Oh well. Two slices later and I finally felt I could handle getting the kids to bed. Very little went as planned but, you know, sometimes life isn’t very pretty but still delicious.



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