Planning a Tea Party

I love Spring… It makes me want to wake from my self-imposed hibernation and reconnect with friends; to cook and to entertain; to have a tea party with the girls. I highly recommend it, even if you don’t serve tea… The main idea, in my opinion, of a tea party is to sit and chat with friends while partaking of yummy food and drink in a lovely setting. That’s it, so whether you serve tea or not is really irrelevant.

Planning and hosting a tea party isn’t as hard as it may sound. Beginning today and over the next few weeks I’m going to show you how easy it is by walking you through the process of planning and hosting a tea party – theme, menu, invitations and recipes.

Today we’ll start with “The Plan”… I’ll share one of my own tea party plans from a few years ago as an example. Here we go…

1-Pick a date… could just be a random day or could revolve around a holiday or occasion like beginning of Spring or any holiday or the full moon or a wedding shower or birthday.

  • I chose April 3rd – a little bit after the beginning of Spring

2-Create an intention for your party, how you’d like you and your guests to feel, the tea party experience in general. All the choices you make during the planning process will forward this intention. Or at least that is the intention of the intention.¬† = )

  • I wanted to expand my circle of friends, create laughter and ease during the party and grounded, lasting friendships in the future.

3-Theme of the party or name of the party… this is something you may use in your invitations, etc. or it may just be your own pet name for the party, how you refer to it in your own mind. Should be something that lights you up when you think about it.

4-Guest list… depending on the space you have and how much food you want to prepare, I’d recommend keeping your guest list between 4 and 8 people long, including yourself. Otherwise it gets out of hand.

  • I invited 7 ladies (plus me)

This is the first step in hosting a tea party.

More Tea Party Planning Ideas…

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