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52 Pillows – #24 – Chocolate

Chocolate Pastry Pillows

My husband showed this video to me about Phil Hansen, an artist who developed neurological damage resulting in permanent shakiness of his hands, and how, after coming to terms with this challenge, actually used it to his advantage and as

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Chocolate Brown Yumminess

‘Chewy Hues’ by wenwho Carved Valentine Fish Marz treewiz $140.00 Party Flowers – Pretty pouch… GimCarry $15.00 CAPPUCHINO lace felted thin … manonknits $65.00 Bloodwood Maple Ebony Wood R… bcrdesigns $85.00 Medium Thatch Pattern Cuttin… WandsAndSwords $40.00 Tooled Artisan Dark

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52 Pillows – #17 – Chocolate Yumminess


This week I have felt worn out and drained and if I didn’t have the fabric already chosen for this week’s pillow… uh, yeah, wouldn’t have happened. A simple pillow cover, this week’s is made from recycled discontinued home decorative

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